Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016

Belajar dari Kesalahan

Salah, wajar-wajar saja, karena kita adalah manusia, sumber dari berbagai masalah, tapi sebaiknya kita belajar dari proses yang kita jalani, dan bisa juga menjadi pembelajaran untuk kita bersama. Saya diwawancarai oleh Mahasiswa Jurusan Ilmu Manajemen Bisnis ITB untuk tugas mata kuliahnya, dan inilah hasilnya.
Hijrah Saputra, Papa Piyoh
Don’t trust people easily - Hijrah Saputra

By : Nabila Luthfia

I interview someone that actually my mentor in my last forum in Aceh. Because Bandung and Banda Aceh get too far so I decided to interview him via line. In Aceh he is already being one of the famous founder and businessman. He get many interview and be a famous speaker in design business for now. Surprisely he wons in many national business contest with his product, Piyoh!

In 2009 he started again from Sabang,  there are so many problems and challenges when he try to built his business. The problems are its hard to get the supports. In Aceh its difficult to find a worker so the production process did by himself. In that time in Aceh its hard to find people who wants  keep  up  and  sharing  in  knowledge.  They  think  if  they  share  their  knowledge  the competitor will blow up and they scared they will lost their business opportunity. If you just a regular business man, people think you weren’t cool enough. And there are some people used ayat Al-Quran to make an cooperation but it was a trap. They sold the products but the money was gone. But those are challenging him to prove that dream could be comes true and his dream could inspiring people for the young generation to be more positive, specially in Aceh. He absolutely sure if a designer could make a money too cooperate with his dream. In that time in Aceh people hesitate about the designer can make money and be rich too. The most painful experience is he taugh design, and the concept for his store, he taugh the link for the production too. So they commitment to competed with the right and healthy way. But it went  wrong. He copycat the real concept of Piyoh and told to the constumer if his product already part of Piyoh. Sadly the constumer move from Piyoh to his product. We can learn the business world is cruel. The people you helped that you think is a good enough, actually can be the worst enemy. They will destroy you slowly, and not forever our good intention will bring us good impact. But we should has good intention in every situation. So he changes the strategy, innovation, make a new marketing trick, cooperate with travel company, cooperate with the government, make a community, join a competition, active in social media, etc. Finally after all his trial he got his succesfull and Piyoh be a most branding product from Aceh!.

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